Miracle Brought Into the World of Recreation of Body Parts through Plastic Surgery

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A special dedicated surgery for the reconstruction of defects occurred in wqface and body since birth or due to burns, traumas, and diseases, is called plastic surgery. To reform your body by overcoming the defects and flaws. An intention to reinstate the dysfunctional areas of the body modern science gave us the gift of Plastic Surgery. Many of the plastic surgeons go for an additional study for performing Cosmetic Surgery too. Both surgeries are yet different in nature and principles. Sir Harold Gillies is considered to be the father of plastic surgery. Born in New Zealand and worked in London to develop and practice techniques for modern facial surgeries for healing up the affected soldiers of First World War from their severe facial injuries.

What are the procedures?

htThere are many techniques of moving and manipulating tissues of the body in plastic surgery. Consulting a doctor before undergoing surgery is the foremost criteria to be understood, as they help in giving a clear picture about the consequences before and after plastic surgery. Even a psychological sitting with the doctor is done before performing the surgery. The procedure is discussed below in detail:

  1. Skin grafting – in this process the removal of skin from the unaffected body part is used for covering the damaged skin. Skin graft also helps to heal bone fractures and in the wounds caused due to burns.

Skin grafting has two important parts –

  1. In one process skin’s top layer which is thick (epidermis) and the underneath layers (dermis) taken and then the part is stitched, only a little area is removed like from neck, from ear’s back portion or skin from the upper arm.
  2. In another surgical process, a partial amount of skin is removed, and the affected area gets healed up without stitches. It’s from thighs, upper arm or buttock areas.

Local or general anesthesia is given before surgery depending upon size and area of the damaged part. A skin graft is done with the help of stitching, clipping, and stapling or with a special adhesive. Dressing with sterile is done to cover the surgery for a week time. The final color after recovery will be slight different like the other skin pigmentation.

  1. Expansion of tissue – Encouraging body for “growing” additional skin through stretching of ewsurrounded tissues is Tissue expansion process. This grown tissue is then used for reconstruction of nearby areas. Breast implantation is the best example of this kind of Plastic surgery.

In this technique, a device shaping like a balloon called expander is inserted into the skin nearby the affected area to be reconstructed. Over a period salt water is filled into it resulting in stretching of the skin. This


surgery also follows anesthesia process. It takes three to four months for expansion of skin; meanwhile, a skin bulge is created by the expander.

Particular conditionsPreparation of the patient's face to a cosmetic procedure.

Plastic surgery treatment commonly trends for the following situations:

  • Reconstruction of breasts
  • Liposuction
  • Birthmarks treatment
  • Treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Surgery for revising scars
  • Rejuvenating face